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Prior to the Internet, consumers needed 7 touchpoints before making a decision to purchase.

Nowadays it's higher.

Using marketing principles & conversion psychology, we craft frequent interactions between brands and their target audiences to shape a funnel... that just works better.


No longer limited to posting company values and advertising vacancies, Linkedin is fast becoming the preferred platform for Fintech brands and advertising ROI.

Take advantage of Linkedin's laser-sharp targeting to reach new audiences based on professional characteristics and retarget to those who've visited your website.


Facebook, the network we all love to hate, remains the B2C advertising champion, and it's pink-haired little sis' Instagram is in the lives of over 2 Billion people monthly.

Publish content that inspires, informs or entertains, reinforce your company values and start conversations while building your community, one Like at a time.


Publish Video Campaigns on Youtube and the entire Google Display Network - which includes Forbes, The New York Times and your favorite entertainment sites.


Let Mermaid help you position your brand on the fastest-growing and most-addictive social network.

Strategies include producing highly entertaining bite-size content and reaching out to influencers for sponsored posts.

For reel!

Google Adwords

Pay-Per-Click campaigns let you present your brand, services and products to those actively searching for what you are offering.

Essential to every marketing strategy, Adwords relies on precise keyword and audience targeting to get more conversions.


What matters most

At the end of the day, it’s the numbers and ROI that matter. 

Let us help you improve yours, by sharing our data insights, our out-of-the-box thinking and our years of expertise in growth-hacking.

Let’s scale!



We want to bring Fintech to the people, by helping smart companies engage seamlessly with their audience, and by expanding those audiences through meaningful, informative and accessible campaigns. 

Mermaid is proud to be women-led, multi-national and multi-cultural. Our goal is to build solid relationships with our clients, while we embrace creating the nurturing, flexible corporate culture that we see as the future.  

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